Frequently Asked Questions

What is a virtual reality or product spin?

A virtual reality is a single image created from a series of images taken from many angles as an object is rotated on a turntable or the camera moves around that object. This compiled single VR image allows the viewer to rotate the object clockwise or counter-clockwise, pause or single image advance. In addition, there is an ability to zoom for an area enlargement.

Is there an advantage with a 360 degree virtual reality?

Marketing has shown a 25% increase in sales when a spin of a product is used versus traditional still photographic images. The consumer’s interaction actively engages them into the product.

Is special equipment required to view the 360autoview spin?

No, the saved image from the 360autoview program is an html5 file. This file will play on all platforms, including mobile phone, iPad, as well as through the internet explorer of your choice.

How long does it take to spin an auto?

The time to capture the 48 images that are compiled into the exterior virtual reality is one minute. Processing the 48 images takes another minute. The interior camera is placed and the panoramic image is taken with the upload to the computer taking another minute. After the processing of the interior panoramic, the saving of the file is completed in another minute. The drive on and off time is approximately 1 minute. Hence, the total time for one vehicle is approximately 5 minutes.

How is the turntable transported from one site to another?

The trailer is positioned over the turntable and four hooks are engaged in the four slotted pickup points on the top of the turntable. The two winches found on the trailer will lift the turntable to a cradle on the underside of the trailer. Two safety cargo strap are also used to secure it for transport.

What is the maximum weight I can put on the turntable?

The turntable has been tested to 7000 lbs.

What requirements are there for the tow vehicle?

The tow vehicle must have a tow capacity of at least 5000#. It is helpful to have a GVWR of 5300# or less to keep a gross vehicle weight rating or gross combination weight rating of 10,000 pounds or less. This will therefore not require a FED DOT number or the driver needing to have a CDL license.

What happens if something gets in the way of the spin?

The turntable will shut down if resistance occurs by an obstruction or person.

How is the object centered on the turntable?

The total length of the vehicle is taken before it is driven onto the turntable. That measurement is divided in half and a magnetic telescoping antenna is set on the corresponding half length mark the tape measure found on the top of the turntable. The vehicle drives up to the antenna a for a perfectly centered vehicle.

Why are there four casters at each corner of the trailer?

The casters are on the four inverted towers to protect not only the turntable going over a sloped drive entrance but also protect the road surface.

What is the hitch tongue weight of the trailer only and with the turntable?

The tongue weight of the trailer only is under 100# if the counter weights (4 – 60# bags of sand)are in the storage box, and can be easily moved by hand or the steer able jack. If the turntable is cradled on the underside of the trailer, the tongue weight will increase to 600#. The steer able jack should not be used in this situation, as it is rated at only 500#. A 3500# jack is provided for this purpose.

How many people does it take to run the turntable?

Only one person is needed to setup and run the turntable. It would be very helpful to have an additional person to move and check over the vehicles in queue .

What knowledge of photography or computers do I need to know?

Only very basic knowledge of  photography and Windows operating system .

What objects can be put on the 360autoview turntable?

Any size object up to 7000 lbs.

Will a low profile vehicle’s underside “scrape up” when driving onto the turntable?

If there is a concern, Race Ramps are provided in the storage box to make the entry and exit a pitch of 3.5 degrees. This should accommodate most any vehicle. The ramps are light weight and easily set in place for the drive on and off.

Interested in 360autoview?

If you are interested in using the 360 autoview portable turntable system, contact us today!