Within the used vehicle market, each auto is unique. Rust, dents, modified equipment, and normal wear and tear vary from car to car. With the 360autoview portable system and its cutting-edge technology, interactive 360-degree viewing of both the exterior and interior of the vehicle is possible. Final photographic files are automatically created and easily posted to your website.

1. Deploying The 360autoview Turntable

The turntable is carried on the underside of a custom-built trailer. It is easily transported to any location with set-up taking only minutes.

2. Connecting The Electronics Case

Included in the wheeled electronics case are the necessary components, cameras, computer, software and cables.

3. Creating A 360° Video

Using the proprietary custom designed software, virtual realities are made in 5 minutes. Output files contain a full html web page or individual VR files for your website.

Interested in 360autoview?

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