The 360autoview Portable Turntable platform

360autoview Portable
Turntable System

  • 20 feet long by 80 inches wide
  • Capable of spinning a 7,000 pound vehicle
  • Low profile construction with an angled approach
  • Easily drive-on & drive-0ff

Included with the turntable are two lightweight Race Ramps that extend the slope to a 3-degree approach for an extremely low ground clearance.

The 360autoview Portable Turntable platform

360autoview Trailerable Platform

A custom constructed design carries the turntable on its underside. Lifting of the turntable is achieved by the use of 4 lift points and 2 winches. The empty trailer is well-balanced to allow positioning by hand.

360autoview Electronics Case holding computers, cameras and cordes

A compact carrying case stores all the needed cables, cameras, and power distribution for a spin capture. It is connected to the turntable via two twenty foot cords and quick connectors.

360autoview Computer & Camera

The supplied laptop computer holds the custom program for processing and saving the spin and panoramic files.

Popular System Options

360autoview Trailerable Addon Honda 200i Portable Generator

Honda 2000i Portable Generator

Eliminate the need for a power cord to the control box—especially useful when a power source is not immediately available. An extension cord may be used in lieu of the generator, but should be at least 16-gauge and not exceed 100 feet.

360autoview Trailerable Addon Pop Up Tent

10’x10’ Portable Tent

A great addition for both bright, sunny days as well as rainy ones. The tent also provides shade to assist in viewing the computer monitor in bright sun.

Vehicle Window Diffusion

Use when photographing the interior of the vehicle in harsh lighting situations, such as direct sun. This ripstop nylon can easily be thrown over the roof of the vehicle. Its weighted edge covers the windows of most any auto. It may also be used to block unsightly exterior environments.

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